Friday 2 December 2022

What do detectives contribute to inheritances?

In the following radio program in which we participate together with Goyo Prados
Són4 DiesRne4 of Rtve CatalunyaWe expose the difficulties that often arise in inheritance processes, along with other examples that contextualize us in problematic situations in relation to this bureaucratic process.

 Since there are quite a few programs, we give you the possibility to propose the topic of conversation that you like the most or the possibility of discovering the aspects that most intrigue you about our profession, through our Instagram @detectivesoliver, you can propose us by message or by answering a survey in the publications that we are going to put, what is the topic that most makes you curious, so that we can talk about it in the next program.

You can listen to the program by clicking on the following image.

And remember… do they spy on you or do you spy?


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