Tuesday 3 May 2022

The question is… who doesn't spy?

Being spied on is nothing new but so easily? In recent days there is a lot of commotion around Pegasus software, intended solely for espionage, this program was developed by the Israeli company NSO Group, in order to remotely access any mobile phone in the world and extract private information.

This spyware takes advantage of the vulnerabilities that always exist in the system of our mobile phones, both iPhone and Android, since in each update security gaps are created through which to access, and little by little users detect and communicate to the support of each company, that's where the malicious comes into action, taking advantage of this "test" time to sneak into the devices only through our mobile phone number. With just one unanswered Whatsapp call or received iMessage, you would already be punctured.

NSO Group alleges that this program is used only to detect information on terrorist acts and other crimes, however, seeing what has been seen, nobody is totally private, so any prevention never hurts.


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