Wednesday 20 October 2021


The Coronavirus pandemic is leaving many changes in our society, both economic and social.

Many companies have been forced to stop their activity, others to lay off employees for a certain time and most of them have many of their workers on sick leave due to the virus.

The situation is very worrying since for several days it has already been facing a decrease in demand for its services or products or even before the complete pause of its activity.

In addition, the fact is added that for the employer it is very difficult to know if the sick leave of their employees are real, since if only mild symptoms are present, the doctors carry out telephone checks and recommend not to go to work and carry out a quarantine at home.

Given this situation, it is normal for human resources to wonder if their workers may be cheating the company with a sham loss.

An example: A man from South Carolina, named Jeffrey Travis Long, was arrested and faces charges as he was accused of falsifying a medical note. The note that the man presented to his boss assures that he tested positive for Covid-19 and that he would not be able to report to work until within two weeks after taking the test again, however, his lie affected all the workers of the company and had to close the building for five days to disinfect all the facilities and ensure that its employees were not at risk.

The role of the private detective in a sham discharge investigation

The private detective has a key role in the investigation of casualties:

Analyze Information: investigate official documents with a document copy expert whose purpose is to investigate and determine the authenticity or falsity of a document or its content, which have been presented from the beginning of the withdrawal.

Monitoring and Observation Controls: the monitoring of the employee by the detective, will allow to know if the person complies with the recommendations, such as: staying at home, except to get medical attention, staying away from other people, carrying out a detection test, among other.

Make a Report: after analyzing the documentation, the subject of the search for information and the follow-up, the detective will prepare a report on the facts verified in the investigation, always providing real evidence so that the company can make a decision.

At Detectives Oliver we help you verify if your daily activities are really related to those allowed and thus know the loyalty of your employees. We guarantee maximum discretion.



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