Tuesday 21 September 2021

In the mind of a filicide.

They are the hardest crimes to understand, but they happen more often than you think.

But… What is a filicide?

It is the generic term that is called to indicate the murder of a child by one of his parents.

Based on studies carried out by the psychoanalyst Resnick P.J (1969), he proposed several classifications for filicide based on the reasons for which the father or mother committed the crime.

1. Altruistic filicide: this category includes cases of major depressive disorders, psychotic depressions and even psychosis. It was found that most of the cases the expressions of the aggressors are of the type "I have given peace to my son" "he will be happier up there"

2. Sharply psychotic filicidia: these are those in which parents kill one of their children under the influence of hallucinations and delusions, this category is mental disorders or major where lack of reasoning abounds. It is important to note that aspects such as the abuse of alcohol or any drug are very rarely present as a direct cause of crime.

3. Filicide for unwanted children: this category includes the crime of neonaticide. In other words, the absence of a father figure to take care of the baby can be one of the main reasons why the mother can kill her child.

4. Accidental filicide: this category includes those cases in which minors are victims of physical abuse. They are thus defined because the intention of the murderer was not to kill but only to hurt and / or punish.

5. Filicide for revenge: these cases are those in which a parent kills their child as a deliberate way of making the other parent suffer, this type of filicide is known as “Medea complex”.

An example of this crime occurred on August 24 of this year, where a 44-year-old Argentine is accused of killing his 2-year-old son as revenge for his ex-partner, with whom he had separated a few days before. The brutal case occurred in a hotel in the city of Barcelona. Everything happened during the night of that day when Álvarez Giaccio appeared at the hotel where the boy lived with his mother.

The man said he wanted to go for a walk with the boy and took him to another hotel. From there he sent a message to his ex-wife in which he announced that "he was going to regret" the separation and a suggestive message: "I will leave you at the hotel what you deserve." The woman gave notice to the Police, so they went to the hotel quickly and in a room on the seventh floor, they found the deceased boy, apparently from suffocation, in the bathroom.

So, attempting against the lives of one's own children is called an unnatural crime, which must be sought for an explanation which must be given by science and operated by justice.

One of the main reasons to commit murder is to solve a problem. And for some people, the fact that the cause of this problem is their children is not an impediment to ending it.














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