Wednesday 1 September 2021

Counterfeit COVID-19 certificates


With vaccination against the coronavirus, PCR and antigen testing at a good pace in most countries, the covid digital certificate will become a fundamental tool to promote mobility, the economy and / or mass events. But misfortunes are always taken advantage of by criminals and cybercriminals.

Vaccine research and development has been the target of cyberattacks since the beginning of the year, practically since the pandemic began. The same with the illegal sale of unapproved masks or "remedies" as treatment against COVID-19 promoted by scammers. Not to mention the false documents in which you get a document that can be from any patient, scan it and modify it with an editing tool.

In Spain this type of false covid certificates have not yet been detected, but they have been detected in other countries such as Germany, Mexico, etc. The authorities have reported the appearance of the first false certificates of both vaccination and PCR and antigen tests, and it is still a minor phenomenon in numerical terms, but supply and demand will increase.

And it is very likely that criminals will take advantage of the opportunity to produce and sell false certificates of Covid-19 tests, while forcing people to take tests to make any trip in times of pandemic.

Given the diversity of technological means available with HD printers and a variety of software, counterfeiters can produce high-quality fake documents. However, no great process is necessary to produce the fake certificates. Unlike passports, money, IDs among other things that have difficult to reproduce security marks, laboratory documents are usually simple standard size printer sheets and sometimes simple email.

 The verification process so far is pretty simple. It is done by eye. A traveler presents a negative PCR test, the health personnel check that the data agrees with the identity document, that it is done 72 hours before the flight and that the test is one of those considered valid.

But... How can you know that it is a false certificate?

At Oliver detectives we have certified documentscopy experts who will take care of examining the documents in order to detect alterations in the paper, printing and security systems. Where we guarantee to determine its authenticity or the possible alterations that it has been subjected to.

And if you see an advertisement for PCR tests, antigen tests, and even fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination certificates online, it is best to report it to the police. We are playing a lot to consent to the actions of these criminals.

Beware of all this!


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