Wednesday 18 August 2021

The theorist in the field of disappearances


Living without knowing what has become of a relative is the harsh reality that thousands of people around the world know and are being affected by a conflict situation. Where parents, siblings, partners and children are desperately looking for a relative from whom they have run out of news. Families who are unaware of what has happened to their loved ones cannot turn the page on the events that have disrupted their lives.

In general, disappeared persons are understood to be those persons whose relatives have no news or whose disappearance has been reported, on the basis of credible information or not.

In the first place, we find voluntary disappearances:

Those where the person wants to 'disappear', and for example leaves a note to the family and leaves where no one can find him.

Forced disappearances imply that the person does not want to disappear voluntarily, but suffers some mishap that is what generates his disappearance.

Enforced disappearances can therefore be of two types:

1 - Of accidental etiology: Let's say, for example, that a person is a victim of a tsunami and cannot be found, or that a person goes hiking and falls off in an inaccessible place. This type of disappearance is caused by a natural phenomenon or an accident.

Imagine that Mr. Pedro is running with sunglasses, he does not notice that there is a stone in the middle of the road and he stumbles, with such bad luck that he falls down a ravine and dies, being hidden by some bushes. He remains missing for 3 days until the rescue services finally find his body.

In any case, we are interested in the will of Pedro, who did not seek to disappear in any way, but only played sports and could not foresee what would happen to him in order to avoid it.


2 - Of criminal etiology: These are those in which a person disappears against their will, with one or more people intervening, who have a malicious attitude. The disappeared person is kidnapped, his aggressor "makes him disappear" because he disposes of the body, or because the person is transferred to a place where he cannot be located.


In any case of disappearance we always recommend:

1. That the first thing is always to report to the authorities (Police, Civil Guard, etc.) as soon as there is knowledge or a high degree of suspicion that we are facing a case of disappearance. You don't have to wait 24 hours, ever! This is a television myth. The first 24-48 hours in a disappearance case are vital for its investigation, and the sooner it is reported, the more likely it is to find clues and evidence, thus being able to find the person.

2. It is vitally important to classify disappearances correctly in order to go to the necessary professional in case of.

3. That different types of disappearance generate different types of victims and victims, and that it should not be forgotten that the relatives of the disappeared are also, and on many occasions they will be the only victims with whom we deal

 Hiring a detective and if it is better with Oliver Detectives is also usually useful since disappearance investigations belong to our field of action and we are specialized therefore we are trained to help resolve the situation in the best way possible.

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