Monday 8 March 2021

Women are Detectives too

Women detectives are the most valuable asset for private investigation, we find ourselves in many dangerous situations, of vulnerability, from becoming a gazelle to becoming a lion, and yet we continue to suffer as victims in many of the cases in which we have to intervene.

As women we have ancestral gifts, sixth senses and intuitions generated from the birth of the “female” that we carry within. Those native women who tended to stay in shelters and homes so as not to be devastated, to carry out surveillance activities around the offspring, a fact that involved twice the effort in care, putting the lives of their children before their own.

So how do we relate all of this to female detectives? We have more advantages since we were born as a gender that machismo calls "weak", which motivated being attacked physically, psychically and morally all the past centuries. Fact that made us cultivate a constant feeling of danger and insecurity in the face of attacks or risks, together with the ability to pay attention to all the details, to the level of paranoia, that many times that same intuition is the prelude to something that ends happening.

We have the virtue or not, I prefer to think positive, that our eyes observe everything that surrounds us, we absorb smells, sensations, tastes, sounds and behaviors, far beyond a simple coincidence, since life has made us strong and distrust. An accumulation of information that in my opinion makes a Detective have much more value when working on our streets, however all these advantages come from ancient and unfortunately current times, of constant stalking towards us.

Although taking into account all the bad, we have developed skills that help us to be true predators of lies and voracious beasts in investigations, and we have to value and strengthen ourselves in a world that will cost a lot to change.


A Woman Private Detective.


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