Monday 8 February 2021

Lovers in Covid Times

Many couples in confinement realized that living together was unsustainable, to the point of considering a separation. However, it was believed that there would be an avalanche of post-confinement divorces and it was not. Basically, people do not have the economic capacity to initiate a separation process or directly start a judicial process due to the misunderstanding between the parts.

But this Valentine's Day you can realize many things if it is worth going on and solving it or the other person is increasingly far from being your better half.

If we observe that this fact does not make the couple reconsider or reconcile, but that each one begins to rebuild their lives and look for inputs outside their home to be able to maintain self-esteem, sexual or sentimental life in "On", it means that many of the couples are not currently having a good time and either of them is looking to quench their thirst in search of new suitors or future partners.

In our profession as private detectives, we have detected countless new methods of infidelity, alongside those that already existed in the past.

For example, most people have to meet online, through applications such as Meeting, which has increased its monthly volume by about five million visits, since it is one of the most recommended applications to find a partner.

Then there are also lifelong work relationships, which change from the stage to the virtual one through teleworking.When apparently you have a meeting, it really is a virtual date with a "colleague" from work.

There are also excuses such as using applications like Instagram where there are endless virtual relationships parallel to reality, or that under the pretext of wanting to learn English, you download an application where you are really flirting with people from all over the world.

The time limits and restrictions on the closure of restaurants and leisure places, much more limits the places where you can see someone, however many people use the excuse of going to the supermarket to have furtive encounters and take advantage of the fact that it is the only place allowed to see each other in confinement.


Life goes on, but the scenarios are changing and evolving. Oliver Detectives say: if a person wants to be unfaithful or have a parallel relationship, he will have it either physically or virtually since the original problem is not the reaction but the action that motivates that person to adultery.

Happy Valentines.


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