Friday 6 November 2020

The Cybercrime virus on the rise due to Covid

The crisis and the impact of Covid has forced us to modify our social models and reinvent ourselves in our way of living. Nowadays, by not being able to go out or be easy prey on the street, since the routes are short and momentary by necessity, criminals have gone from robbing with force to swindling en masse through the screens.

  • The crime of phishing continues to be the crime most used by cybercriminals and the most difficult for researchers to decipher.
  • The ransomware follows closely, having improved its methodology to capture the victims, to later threaten them to expose their private data publicly and thus obtain a ransom.
  • Increased detection of child abuse material online. They continue to use encrypted communications and P2P networks to hide the images.
  • Obtaining passwords and access codes by fraudulently obtaining SIM cards.
  • The deep web does not highlight any rising market, however, cybercriminals are using other, more private platforms to carry out illegal sales.


At Oliver Detectives we always recommend keeping our eyes open and doubting anything that comes our way on the Internet or via email, analyzing all the details or consulting reliable sources we can detect many attack attempts by cybercriminals.

We recommend you read our article where we teach you how to prevent this type of scam:



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