Wednesday 8 July 2020


For centuries, writers have taught us the thousand and one ways to kill. They have perfected methods, scenarios, weapons and alibis to elevate the murder to the category of art. We often observe with horror the modus operandi of current justice, of those who operate live and the inaction of the agencies that must protect the victims look the other way, leaving cases unresolved, do not confuse perfection with lack of discovery.

To conceptualize a crime as perfect, it only takes one fact and that the perpetrator of the crime remains a mystery. Although most cases are discovered sooner or later, some remain unresolved, because crime itself is a human behavior or activity and humans by definition are imperfect. In TV series such as CSI or Criminal Minds the culprit is caught after sophisticated analysis or impeccable autopsies, but the reality is different; some do not get resolved because a corpse is discovered very late and the evidence is very eroded, Others because they are not in the investigation.

Although we would like all criminals to go to jail, it does not always happen. There are those who manage to deceive justice and there are those who almost achieve it.
Of those almost perfect crimes we have a lot to learn:

·           The Unabomber

 It is one of the most talked about cases in the United States, in which a professor of mathematics attacked the nation placing more than 15 bombs by mail, causing 3 deaths and more than 20 seriously injured. The name of the protagonist of such atrocious act is Theodore Kaczynski. More than 50 million dollars were invested for its capture, without success; because The Unabomber did of his for 17 years. It was not until 1996 that his younger brother, David Kaczynski, he gave him away, charging a reward of a million dollars.

·           Murder with sexual mobile

A cleaning woman found last February 21, 2008, the lifeless body of a 35-year-old girl suffocated inside a flat in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. The body was found with a plastic bag tied around the neck. The Mossos d'Esquadra found in a nearby room a wig that, incidentally, was the hair of the victim. Everything pointed towards a sexual mobile and that's where the investigations went, but the truth is that the security forces did not see it clearly. According to police sources, the detainee disguised herself, with a wig included, supplanting the identity of their employee to take out life insurance, of 125,000 euros, of which the owner of the company benefited If he pretended to be the victim. if he impersonated his identity, he could collect the insurance. To disguise the motive of the crime, he hired the services of some men who engage in prostitution. He paid them 70 euros in exchange for his sperm, which the detainee picked up and poured down the legs of the victim to simulate sexual assault. Finally, the skill of the policies pointed to the victim's boss, as her murderer, who has already been arrested as the material author of the events and has been imprisoned.   


Current technology may have brought light in cases now in neutral, but the criminologist does not believe that this was the problem. Most of the time the problems were due to the researchers not convincing evidence beyond doubt to seat a defendant on the bench and, unfortunately, those tests were not obtained. These cases of almost perfect crimes should be advertising and committing ruthless acts alone will take us directly to prisons (and in some cases, to death). Objects, looks, family and even strangers can get to uncover the criminals.

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