Thursday 11 June 2020


The Internet is a breeding ground for anyone who intends it, you find many wonders but also many misfortunes, and today that we are 100% connected at a personal, work and leisure level, we consider it more necessary to emphasize the dangers that we can find ourselves in this environment.

After spending months between social networks, emails and videoconferences due to confinement, society sees 100% digitization as inevitable, a world is no longer conceived without these tools that streamline procedures and communications, but we do not live in a more world either. safe with them.
Lately phishing is the order of the day, and for this reason we see it necessary to show you an example so that you become aware of what it is all about.

Phishing is a computerized term that refers to a set of techniques to deceive its victims by gaining their trust, impersonating the identities of people, companies or entities, to manipulate them and make them do actions to benefit, financially or through information.

Every day we are bombarded by a large mass of phishing campaigns and we are not aware, so we show you a clear example of this:

• Apparently it looks like a post, but we can already see a slip of punctuation in the title, along with some misspelling in the text of the email.
 • If we continue reading, and in the initial greeting we can see that it is generalized, without specifying the name of the recipient. Emails that are personalized are more credible since they refer directly to the person in question, phishing being large amounts of emails will never be personalized.
• Apparently they request an income of a quantity to be able to proceed with a shipment, however they do not expose any type of reference number or request related to said service.
• Later they provide a link for you to click on it. NEVER click on any suspicious email, as this could lead to providing a gateway for hackers and implant a virus within your device.
• If we set them at the end of the email, we will see that said email has been sent through a program called Mailchimp, that is why the logo and the mandatory points that Mailchimp orders that must be put in all emails to carry out campaigns appear. Correos, Netflix, HBO ... do not use any type of these platforms since their emails are executed by their own program.
• Finally, if we give more information to see the email of the sender, an email appears that is not intended to be an email at all:

However if you have received an email of this nature and ignore it, you are already on a blacklist. They will not stop sending you similar emails, impersonating the same or other entities and companies, so that one day you bite. You will have to deal with this for life or delete your email account, as much as you block the email from the pishing, they will create many more to keep sending them to you.

So ... learn these TIPS well, so that when you suspect an email you can check for yourself whether it is a phishing attempt or not.

Prevention in life in general is the key to guaranteeing a higher level of security, and I hope this article will help you live more peacefully and have no problems in the future.


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