Thursday 9 April 2020


Living in the community should never be appreciated as a negative factor, since it can be very bearable if we follow the basic rules of coexistence, but currently with the state of alarm decreed by the Government to stop the epidemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) it is causing roses and problems between neighbors. Specifically, in Barcelona the City Guard received only this Tuesday a total of 1865 calls for problems of the neighborhood coexistence.

However, there are certain issues that can create controversy, but nothing that does not have a solution, they even come regulated in the Horizontal Property Law, which is in charge of ensuring that all neighborhood conflicts are resolved.

What are the main sources of problems in the community?

Now we list the most common problems and do a mental exercise to be able to solve it and succeed and with better results.
1. Respect for common areas: this is the cause of many conflicts and children are usually involved who, by not finding spaces in their homes, seek to spread outside of them.
2. The noises: this is perhaps one of the most common and protagonist of great discussions, especially in buildings where each step can be heard even with magnification; Even the barking of a dog represents one of the great neighborhood conflicts.
3. Individual reforms: carrying out works on the floors outside the hours established by the neighborhood council brings great pitched battles and even within the hours in which it could be carried out.
4. The parties: before parties or works outside the permitted hours (which in Barcelona is established in the strip that runs from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., although it varies in other locations, the most common being from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.), It is more advisable to ask the neighbor to kindly stop. If this neighbor decides to continue his activity, a complaint can be made individually to the authorities who will immediately go to stop the noise.
5. Late payment: if the neighborhood conflicts have already been agreed, they will continue when one of the members does not pay a fee agreed by consensus.
6. Take security measures: from closing a door as a security measure and everyone abiding by it will be a safe fight until something serious happens or the security of the group is violated.
7. The trash: if each floor or house is not responsible for removing it and placing it in the appropriate container and in the worst-case leaves traces of liquids or odors in the common areas when removing it, it will always generate neighborhood conflicts that will dilate with little aim to be solved.

Unfortunately, there are many occasions when confrontations with neighbors occur that can hardly be proven through a police the report, since the noise, waste, or any inconvenience, has already passed when the authorities arrive.

In order to face neighborhood conflicts with intelligence and a lot of patience, it is necessary to be attentive and with a cold mind in order to have several alternatives to solve the problem and our Oliver Detectives agency works to solve conflicts of this type, providing the necessary evidence so that our client has all the necessary tools for the authorities to take action on the matter.

Remember that everyone has different personalities and the secret is to understand him and learn to cope with differences. Your neighbors share the spaces with you, living with them is a necessity.


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