Thursday 23 April 2020


One more year the Sant Jordi festival arrives, which is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm throughout Catalonia, as we all know on April 23 the streets of cities and towns gather with people, it is a day to stroll among stands of books and roses ; but this year the streets of Barcelona and all of Catalonia will be uninhabited, but he moves to our homes to make confinement more enjoyable.

Tradition establishes that on this day the gentlemen give a rose to their partner, their friends, companions or relatives, and they give a book to men; But even though the dyad has been postponed, couples, friends and families will want to show their love with a rose or a book.

Sant Jordi is a date that over the years is about remembering a tradition based on love and culture; this celebration is known in the world as the “Catalan Valentine”.

This Thursday is a day that is very special, especially for couples and lovers, but not for everyone, it is a day of love at its best, since several studies have found that it is on this date that couples break up usually discovered that they did not either what they expected or because extramarital affairs come to light.


For some couples, 24/7 coexistence is a time bomb and online relationships an escape valve.

The magic of the internet and the use of social networks and platforms for extramarital adventures work very well to find people online during the Coronavirus, they predict that the longer the confinement lengthens, the more it will be pulled from these virtual meeting points.

There are many signs that give away a digital infidel and now we list some of them:

1. MESSAGES AT EVERY MOMENT: it is normal that you use your phone to communicate with your friends and family, you must be alert to the hours of use, especially if it is until the wee hours of the morning; Or are you always worried about responding, the situation is suspicious.
2. ALWAYS PENDING ON YOUR MOBILE: if you do not leave your mobile or go to the bathroom and get upset if someone touches you, the probability that you hide something are very high.
3. DELETE ALL: unless we are obsessive, very few delete their search history, WhatsApp messages and photos from phones or other mobile devices perhaps because there is something to hide.
4.    BLOCKS YOU FROM YOUR FRIENDS: if it is your partner, you do not have to hide from your list of friends, but if you eliminate or block it, it is a clear sign that something strange is happening.
5.    TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE WITHOUT EXPLANATION: many people turn off their mobile devices at night, but if your partner does it when a call or message occurs, it is because they do not want to raise suspicions.

Having an alternate relationship digitally has never been so easy, so if you notice any of the aforementioned behaviors in your partner and if you believe that your partner is being unfaithful you want to demonstrate it safely and legally, do not hesitate to contact Contact  with Oliver Detectives where we guarantee the necessary tests.


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