Wednesday 4 March 2020


The profession of private investigator is one of the pioneers in the incorporation of women into the sector. Kate Warne has the honor of being the first female detective in the United States, with just 25 years she became a great asset for the success of Allen Pinkerton and therefore for the National Pinkerton Detective Agency being the right hand of the detective and in the supervisor of the women's research department that Pinkerton.

In 1856, a woman named Kate Warne entered the offices of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and asked to see Allen Pinkerton applying for a job as a secretary but this position had already been filled but she told Allan Pinkerton that she wanted to work as a private investigator, arguing that as a woman, she could infiltrate environments where men could not enter, and make friends with the wives of suspects to get information; Pinkerton put her to the test for a short period and was impressed by her achievements; She was subsequently hired as one of her best and most valuable detectives.

Kate Warne was part of the Pinkerton team that discovered a plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, however, the details of these events were developed in part by Kate Warne, who worked undercover as a rich southern lady; Warne infiltrated social gatherings and verified that there was a plot to assassinate Lincoln.

Lincoln was placed in the protective custody of Allen Pinkerton to safely take him to Washington DC. and Kate Warne was a key player in undercover plans to move Lincoln to Washington DC., Kate Warne came up with the idea that Lincoln was disguised as her invalid brother. Kate Warne, the first female private investigator in the United States, can receive credit for saving the life of a man who was about to become president of the United States.

After the American Civil War, between 1865 and 1867 Kate continued to solve complicated cases such as the murder of George Gordon, a bank teller or the case of Captain Sumner, who thought, and rightly, that he was being poisoned throughout twelve years was one of the most valuable researchers, being the first detective woman in the history of the US and therefore the first woman in the world.

Her brilliant career was truncated by a terrible pulmonary edema because of a pneumonia that would take her until her death on January 28, 1868 with only 35 years of age. She was buried in the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, on the family plot of Allan Pinkerton.

It must be remembered that when he hired Kate Warne as a private detective, there were no police, no detectives or women were entitled to vote. However, Pinkerton instantly saw the value of his service and his ability to obtain information that a man could never obtain.


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