Wednesday 29 January 2020


In the technological age in which we live It is said that social networks have made all communications more horizontal,  a tweet can have as much impact as an article in a diary or even more. Without realizing it, we are transforming ourselves into a society of smiling and citizen emojis of the good roll, making our life dependent on a status on social networks social networks creating an invitation to enter into a technological gloom that is affected both in bioengineering, as to the means of communication, good and evil, science and religion.

The production of Black Mirror labeled as a series, It is rather a unitary execution, with a thematic plot without plot, No fixed characters, focused on digital technologies, their possibilities and fears. It seems that Invita the new to the old debate between the defenders and detractors of the technological revolution.

The thin subjectivity of the individual to the devices, and how the individual nature moves to the experience of a bond, basically emotional and collective. As the article indicates, in "Smile, they are getting you scored," the panoptic structure of the network underscores our condition as subjects that circulate through the story as objects; we are in a reality built and paved with our profile, in which our body becomes a prosthesis full of devices, in which the senses are reduced or replaced by sensors that process thousands of stimuli. In which experiments are already carried out to increase the human immune system with an inorganic system, bionic; An army of nanorobots and sensors monitor what happens inside our body.

Enrique Dans, professor at IE Business School, assures that privacy is a concept in constant evolution, where technology "has been supplementing our mental bandwidth to a point where we can, simply looking for a name in a search engine and in some social networks, get lots of data from anyone”. For him, we should be concerned that this technological capacity to obtain data is used by governments to control their citizens, what happens in China: an undemocratic government obsessed with controlling and managing the speed of change in its society, it might even be understandable but not justifiable.

What should seriously concern us is that some supposedly democratic governments they seem to secretly envy the control that China has and imitate the technology you use with justifications like security, the fight against the terrorist threat, the protection of children, the defense of copyright, or any other.

Lev Manovich says that the software is in charge. We need it to understand and exercise on the web, to explore information, to turn the cloud into something useful. Black Mirror is a disturbing door that questions our human nature from the spasms of technology; it is a good excuse to rationalize what is happening in a superficial and egomaniac society.

Follow me and I follow you!!

In addition to all this and although it does not look like it, we are continuously scoring. In social networks, we do it with updates and interactions. It is true that we do not give a note from one to five, but we do say if we like something. Moreover, in the episode of Black Mirror, the protagonists laughs at the jokes of others, hoping for reciprocity, and bite a cookie just to make a perfect picture. 

Have you ever written a tweet just to get fans? Have you ordered the table a bit because this way the breakfast will be better in the photo and will have more "like"? Have you ever followed someone with the hope that they will return the following? Do not? Me neither.

"Our conventional response to all media, especially the idea that what counts is how you use them, it is the dormant posture of the technological idiot ", remember McLuhan.


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