Wednesday 4 September 2019

The Pinocchio in vacation time

With the summer holidays a step away, many Spaniards already have everything planned. Whether to escape routine, relax or meet a new destination, everyone takes advantage of this time of year to leave work for a few days or weeks. However, when discussing their summer plans, not all people tell the truth. Among Spaniards, for example, 3 in 10 lie about the subject (34%).

Jetcost, a web site that allows users to compare rates and availability of flights, hotels and car rentals, has decided to conduct a study about the experiences of Europeans during their vacations. Three thousand people from 6 different nationalities (British, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French) participated in the survey. And the results are without a doubt ... interesting!

When asked if they had exaggerated in any aspect of their holidays or even lied about them, 68% of participants answered yes. The most mentioned lies were:

Relatively to the destination, the shame of saying his real destiny (35%); want to impress someone (32%); not having gone anywhere (15%) and wanting to be equal to the others (12%) were the main reasons for not telling the truth. The people who are most lied to, are the co-workers (33%), those who suffered the most with this "summer pinecone" effect, following the friends (27%) and ending with the relatives in 12% of the cases.

In addition, approximately 75% admitted having told family and/or friends that they had enjoyed the holidays more than they really had, having confirmed, in 55% of the cases they would never tell anyone that the holidays had really been a failure and a disappointment.

And as if it were not bad enough to lie about certain aspects of their holidays, some go further, giving wings to the imagination and posting false photos on social media in about 10% of cases.

Finally, when analyzing the results of the different countries at European level, we confirm that (unfortunately) Spaniards are the ones who most feel the need to lie about some aspect of their holidays.

• Spain: 68%
• Italy: 65%
• Portugal: 60%
• Great Britain: 58%
• France: 47%
• Germany: 45%

If Jetcost were a detective agency, it would certainly have asked if at the time of travel people also lie about who is accompanying them and possibly discover many cases of infidelity. The truth is that if you have to hide the truth in such trivial matters, you need to know in what more (important) aspects these people have the courage to lie.

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