Tuesday 20 August 2019

Your right on baggage

We are in the middle of summer in which millions of people will take their flight to go on vacation, do you know your rights on your luggage? Now we tell you.

Definitely when we fly, we may have an incident that could damage our trip either to or from the trip, and more and more airlines are changing their policies regarding baggage limitations, however airlines must comply with A series of legal measures established by the European Parliament in the Passenger Rights Regulation (EC) 261/2014, we often do not know what they are and do not know how to proceed.


When you invoice a suitcase at the airport it is your duty to respect the rules in terms of weight and content of the package established by law at the same time, it is our right to receive the luggage intact and at the appropriate times.
The steps to follow in this case is:
1. Go to the point of attention of the airline with which we have flown before leaving the airport.
2. Report the incident, requesting a piece of baggage irregularity (PIR) describing the details of the event.
3. Save all tickets or purchase receipts since most companies usually cover between € 90 and € 120 of what we can consider expenses of first necessity, that is, clothes or clothes for a change and expenses on hygiene items that You have to buy at destination for not having your luggage.
4. Make a list of the objects contained in the lost suitcase to attach to the party and send them to your insurer if before traveling you have hired a travel insurance that covers these types of problems with luggage.
5. Deliver the completed part in each field to the airline counter and keep a copy for yourself.
6. Wait for the response of the airline and the compensation that touches you, which will be calculated according to the type of incident suffered, the value of the objects (if the suitcase is finally lost) and the expenses caused by the incident.


• Damaged luggage. If your suitcase or its contents are damaged upon arrival at the airport, go to the company counter to show the damage and request a form to claim the damage. Ideally, do it before leaving the airport.

• Baggage delay If the final destination is reached and the suitcase does not appear, the passenger is entitled to reimbursement of expenses that this inconvenience may have caused during the holidays,

• Theft in your luggage: The airline is obliged to respond to lost, lost or damaged luggage, but not to theft that occurs in the suitcase if it arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Therefore, in these circumstances, even if you make a claim to the company, you will not be entitled to compensation, and the correct way to act will be to go to the airport police station as a victim of a theft to file the corresponding complaint. The limit of liability is about 1,400 euros per passenger unless special declaration of value prior to the check-in of luggage after paying an additional fee.


• For damage to luggage: up to 7 days from the date of receipt of luggage.

• Due to late luggage: up to 21 days from the date it should have been received.

• For lost luggage: no limit. You must first make the claim for late luggage, and if after 21 days you have not received it you can make the claim at any time. You can also present it before if the airline confirms that your suitcase has been lost. Now you can travel a little quieter knowing all the rights you have as a passenger. It should be noted that each airline has its own rules so it is convenient to review its billing policy before the flight.

You will not fly without learning one more thing!!
Wednesday 7 August 2019

Summer infidelities: We know you were unfaithful last summer

You smell the breeze, you notice the sun and the water splashing your legs, you smear sand and put the airplane mode so that nothing disturbs you, but the latter will be more difficult if you see that your partner does not leave the phone alone or to enter in the shower.

At that time the summer becomes a hell of heat and internal suffering, communication does not flow and the other person ignores you or denies everything dealing with you crazy.

That's when you see more clearly that it is summer infidelity, that in the moments that you are left alone with your children, he or she will go for a walk or play tennis with friends splicing with dinner until high hours of the morning. Later you might have to leave a weekend in the middle of the holidays for urgent work issues ... suspicion. All these details betray the adult liar that all he wants is to play two bands.

A large number of professionals, with their studies, show that in the summertime people are receptive to being unfaithful and having an adventure.

The results reveal that one in three Spaniards has once been unfaithful to their partner. With sex, men often succumb more easily to infidelity than women. 60% of Spaniards think that in summer it is more likely and easy to commit infidelity.
The reason?
In summer we usually have a better mood and it is a time of fun, being more predisposed to have an adventure since we are more receptive, those are one of the factors that most influence when it comes to being unfaithful.

And within the range of infidelity there are different reasons, within the three types of adultery they modified; punctual infidelity, double life infidelity or repeated infidelity.

The reasons:

  • For spite. It means anger and anger.
  • Because of a whim. Self-esteem and romanticism are sought.
  • For pleasure. They are adventures by pure sexual desire.
  • To recover the spark. The summer adventure is for the infidel a way to rekindle the flame of life as a couple in times of blockage.
  • Open doors. Use infidelity as a launching pad to break up with your current partner.
  • By empty nest. Mature people are convinced that their partner is no longer what they have and that they still have a lot of life ahead of them.

The ingredients of the infidelity broth:

  • More time = more conflicts
  • Temporary separation
  • New places
  • We are happier
  • We are more uninhibited
  • More free time
  • Break
  • We know more people
  • Seduction game

So you know, if all or most of these factors coincide with what you are living, emphasize communication with your partner and if it is impossible to talk to her, go to a private detective or couple therapy, because as Paquita well says that of the Barrio, the Mexican singer: "Three times I cheated on you: the first for spite, the second for whim, the third for pleasure."

A. Oliver
Private detective

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