Wednesday 24 July 2019

It was the trip of my life ... until it ceased to be

Having time and money to travel is the dream and the will of many people, but at the time of planning the trip everything can happen. And if you are lucky enough to reach your destination without major complications, once there everything can happen to you. The problem with not knowing where you are going is that you are more predisposed to being scammed.

The scams and frauds in the reserves can be disguised and turn a perfect or almost perfect holidays into a real nightmare. Therefore it is vital to be attentive when looking for online travel deals, mainly if they seem too good to be true. The truth is that the web is the best place to provide opportunities for scammers. However, it also offers travelers the information necessary to make appropriate decisions that can avoid any type of scam.

It is important to pay attention to companies that we have never heard of and investigate them a little bit before giving our money to potential scammers. And in addition, it is equally essential to make a search, about the chosen destination for our trip, by way of discovering if there are some types of scams that are more frequent and how to avoid them.

For example:

If someone offer us free vacations or travel discounts from third parties we should think twice before accepting it. It's probably a scam!

Frauds in rental apartments or advance payment of a hotel or travel package, in order to guarantee a lower price are two other very common scams.

Once in the holiday destination the scam of hotel promoters or taxi drivers often happens. We must be vigilant in order to avoid it.

In addition, in many countries counterfeiting and ATM thefts are also a source of problems and a fairly common scam.

But the question is what to do if it happens to us?

If this happens the first thing is to file a complaint with the police and keep all the documentation that can help prove the fraud. The hiring of a private detective is also usually helpful as fraud investigations belong to his field of action. In Oliver Detectives we are specialized in the investigation of tourism services so we are trained to help solve the situation in the best possible way.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives

Wednesday 10 July 2019

The origin of the first detective investigations in Barcelona.

Oliver Private Detectives is a brand of research and security services, officially registered since 1981. It is not the oldest in the city of Barcelona but has been influenced by the first ones, the companies that have made known the work of a private detective.

Due to the high importance and contribution of these pioneering companies to what is now a recognized profession beyond borders, we will dedicate the next weeks to its main founders in our city.

To start this journey of detectives we have chosen Enrique Cazeneuve Cortés. For many, he is the founder of the first private detective agency in Spain, located at 6 Calle Balmes in Barcelona, right next to our company address.

In the early twentieth century, Cazeneuve, who was born in Toulouse, and was living in Barcelona, was in the year 1910, responsible for installing the first office of private detectives. Author of the book "El detectivismo práctico" and innovative detective has undoubtedly left his legacy and his brand not only in Barcelona but throughout Spain.

Detective by profession, Enrique Cazeneuve is the first to be enrolled in the private detectives and investigators' school in Catalonia. His first investigations directly related to "detective" cases were based on robbery of patents, thefts in factories or infidelities, where husbands wanted to know if their women were unfaithful.

However, Cazeneuve was not a lone wolf in this profession, he liked teamwork. In addition to having selected a magnificent team of young professionals to accompany him in his work, transmitting the techniques necessary to carry out this profession, in the 20s he decided to create a detective academy to train future professionals.

However, his contribution does not end here, for him the dissemination of the role of detective in society was equally important and as such spread the profession in the media of the time, participating in radio programs through a series of talks that had a great approval from the spectators.

Enrique Cazeneuve Cortés dies at age 79, keeping his history and memory alive until today.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives

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