Wednesday 3 April 2019

Private investigations in public sites

We all have it clear that social networks are strongly attached to our daily routine. If the truth is that there are many people who despise the use of social networks, there are others that do not live without connecting at least once a day to one of their social network accounts.

With the evolution of technology, access and dissemination of information through social networks has been made easier and faster. It is so easy to communicate with people hundreds or thousands of kilometers away by this means, that a good part of our social life has been transported to the world of the web.

As is common knowledge in the last decade Facebook has shown its importance around the world, and is nowadays one of the most influential internet pages used by millions of people around the planet. This social network as well as many others have a leading role in our lives, both personally and professionally, as they allow us to instantly communicate, share, exchange and promote information, products and services. They have been introduced in our daily life from the field of intimacy to the workplace, for business, culture, politics and economy.

In Detectives Oliver is no exception! We have already become familiarized to the virtual world not only to promote and share information but also as a work tool.

We are present in the most social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to show our clients our work methodologies, promotions and everything we think may be useful for those who follow us in this virtual world.

However, for our daily work, social networks are also a powerful search tool complementary to traditional research. Society has become ubiquitous in virtual platforms, where social networks have become key points of a private investigation because people provide information that they do not provide in other places, therefore its use to search for information is relevant in many cases that we have in hand. The use of this type of instrument has to be managed through a rigorous and meticulous work that at any time can replace any of the traditional methods, since it is only used to help the detective’s work.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives


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