Wednesday 27 March 2019

After cleaning the house ... they also cleaned money

You don’t have time for anything so you're thinking of hiring a cleaning lady to have your house always perfect. Even when you're not there? Do you have too many weeds in the garden but you do not know how to deal with the matter, so you want a gardener? Well, be careful. This article is for you. Let's not forget that nobody is equal to anyone and of course there are good and professional people. We are not trying to put everyone in the same bag. However, in recent years there have been many reports of robberies carried out by both cleaning employees and gardeners.

Everyone knows that women love jewelry. Some of them more than others obviously. And for some women, the idea of using them is not enough, so they also need to steal them. And what is the easiest way to do it? To work for people who have a lot of that.

Some examples in the media refer cases where the stolen amounts are exorbitant. A cleaning lady, alleged author of four crimes in homes where she worked, had stolen more than 20,000 euros in jewelry. Another one, with the help of her son, stole more than 8,500 euros, also in jewelry. Even with help, she was not the luckiest one, since another cleaning lady took advantage of her condition as cleaner to, together with her son, steal more than 40,000 euros in three properties. It is almost the perfect crime. There are no signs of violence and the access to the house is not forced, but sums of money disappear just because you trust the wrong people.

Many times the employees are treated as one of the family and the owners have total confidence in them, being left alone at home when they are working, having access to all the house divisions without any supervision, allowing contact to the goods that are later seized.

In addition to the cleaning employees, gardeners are also news in social communication for the worst reasons, since many of them take advantage of their work to commit the crimes. Some, even access the properties with their residents inside them. Others disguise themselves as gardeners only to watch the houses and thus choose which to steal later. There are also some kind of gardeners who forget the plants they have to take care of, because they are too focused on the neighbor's home, controlling the movements of the victims to decide the best time to act.

So, to prevent theft by domestic workers (cleaning employees or gardeners) or try to prove if they are really guilty without accusing them unfairly, one of the solutions is to require the help of private detectives. These professionals can provide evidence to discover the culprit, even in cases that employees tend to commit the crime when nobody is watching. The detective can find out when the employee executes the theft by handling hidden cameras, for example.

*With this article, we do not want to generalize, we talk about the experience in our sector and the high number of cases that we have found.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives


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