Wednesday 6 March 2019

A real chameleon, that's the detective woman

The word "detective" takes us immediately to the world of fantasy where the classic and mythical male hero stands out. However, black novels about detectives have long ceased to have only male characters like Hercules Poirot or Sherlock Holmes. Our eternal Miss Marple, a detective created by Agatha Christie, attentive, curious, observant and lover of mysteries with enormous analytical capacity, already refers us to the female presence in a universe practically dominated by men.

One of the first real cases that still remain a legend is the case of Mata Hari, whose real name is Margarita Zelle, as she was one of the few spies who has aroused a great fascination and interest over the years. This dancer, specializing in erotic dances was arrested and shot in 1917 on suspicion of taking advantage of her intimate relationships to work as a double agent for Germany and France, during the First World War, causing the death of thousands of soldiers.

Nowadays, many things have changed in the world of espionage, the techniques used are different, everything has to be legal and there are basic rules to be followed. However, the female presence continues bit by bit to enter a profession where for years, perhaps decades, the male figure has excelled. It still remains a stereotyped work traditionally by men despite the advantages provided by the female gender. The hope is that it will not be like this in the near future since the truth is that no one suspects a female detective and that is why it is often easier to obtain information.

Seeing two women talking for an hour in a corner is quite normal, but if it is two men it causes more distrust. However, for many advantages that can be listed relatively to a female detective, the truth is that machismo remains constant in this type of job.

In 2018 only 30% of these professionals corresponded to women (approximately 400), where 36 are in charge of a company, an insignificant number but in constant increase. Her work begins to value each day more due to her capacity for discretion, sensitivity and confidence that, day by day, are very useful in this work.

Celebrating women's day, we want to give voice to all women who are dedicated to this sector, to give courage and hope that a better world is to come and women will lead together with men in an equal world.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives


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