Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The apogee of the investigation

The work progress of the private detective over the years has been of great importance. If before these professionals focused only on family investigations, the truth is that nowadays that is no longer the case. Issues such as insurance fraud, fake sick leave, illegal rentals, among others, are frequent demands when hiring a private detective.

For the work of these professionals to be complete, the preparation of the written report, the apogee of the entire investigation, can never be missed. This document sets out all the investigation carried out, serving as prove for the client and even in front of the courts. The report can’t be considered as one more step of the investigation process, but as the center of all the work, since it is the document that is delivered to the client, the final result.

As described by Law 5/2014 of April 4 on Private Security, the report prepared by private detectives must state:

"Registration number, details of the contracting party, purpose of the contract, means used, results, intervening detectives and actions taken"

Its wording should be objective, clear and concise, so it is important that the results be brief but well argued and with recourse to graphic evidence to demonstrate the written information. Its main objective is to focus on the investigated person, with data of the maximum possible impartiality to guarantee the credibility of the document.

As you can see the report issued by the detective is a fundamental element, which serves to assess the work performed and especially to clarify behaviors that otherwise would be very difficult to verify.

According to Law 1/2000 of January 7 of Civil Procedure the report of the private detective is a testifying document. As such, it is important to be original, objective and chronological by way of being well understood in Court.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives


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