Wednesday 12 December 2018

The Sherlock Holmes of nowadays

Private detectives are increasingly known due to the iconic models of books and films. If we talk about Inspector Gadget or Sherlock Holmes, everybody knows we are talking about private detectives. But the reality is a little different from that which everyone knows. Detectives nowadays do not wear trench coats or magnifying glasses, but they remain discreet and are always nearby to help you investigate what you need. These researchers work for individuals, companies and also for law firms. And the truth is that there are many legal professionals who are still unclear in what way a detective can be useful.

Lawyers may need a private detective in matters related to the work sphere such as in cases of fake sick leave; in the criminal field; in expertise or other issues related to insurance; for locating people; on family law cases like contentious divorces or alimony, among others. As you can see the detectives can be very useful for lawyers in all types of investigations, providing evidence reliable to present to the courts. They can be documentary, testimony or expert evidences, since the reports issued by the detectives constitute probative material in judicial proceedings, since the exercise of the profession of private detective, in Spain, is recognized by the law 4/14 of April of Security Private.

The lawyer during a judicial process or other kind of course of action has to prove the facts that are object of discussion, and often it is when the private investigator enters, because it comes to corroborate the information that a lawyer has, but for which he doesn’t has proves. So, the detective's tasks will serve for the legal professional helps his clients in the most diverse domains.

Actually the work of a lawyer is complemented by the detective and vice versa, resulting enormously beneficial for both.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives


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