Tuesday 11 December 2018

The hypnotic ads that adorn the showcases of the stores in time of sales

When the sales start, it is common to see disturbing avalanches of people accessing the stores to get the products at a lower price than the items normally have. However, with the beginning of the sales, scams and frauds also arrive. The truth is that we all know that they fraud us in the period of sales, but at least before they did it with more class and dissimulation. Now almost everyone is questioning the veracity of the discounts although many consumers seem unable to resist the wonderful ads that adorn the showcases.

Sincerely nobody gives anything without the ambition of something in return and if the merchants resort to the rebates it is because they earn money with that. However, consumers have already begun to report the scams found in the discount season. The most common scams evidenced are the misleading labeling and the price increase to show a higher discount. On one hand there are companies that, in the days before the start of the sales period, increase the price of many merchandise and then can announce a fraudulent reduction, often to make consumers believe that a discount is more powerful since there is a bigger difference of price between the "before" and "after", the common swelling of the discounts. Others prefer to manipulate the labels simulating discounts on products that still cost the same as before the sales season. Many customers take off the labels with the discounted price and see that it is the same as before.

Another fraud related with the sales refers to the manufacture of the products. The discounts usually seem generous, but frequently the items are produced by way to be sold at a discount price. Many chains manufacture products to market them exclusively during the discount period, and if their price is not reduced, you may be sure that the quality is.

Since these companies almost constantly go unpunished despite the efforts of customers to deal with them when these situations happen, the services of private detectives are always of great importance because they are professionals specialized in scams and can help to avoid or solve this type of frauds.

But as the best is always to prevent, we leave you some essential tips to take advantage of the discounts without frights:
  • Review the articles very well;
  • Check prices;
  • Request information about the purchase conditions;
  • Save all tickets and invoices.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives


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