Wednesday 31 October 2018

Not all monsters wear costum or only come out on Halloween.

Today some people have a slight tingling in the body, positive nerves to be a different night, fears found with the desire to be the monster or nightmare that most yearn to be, in a relaxed atmosphere and joy, for the end of the day to remember the only night they think they are surrounded by monsters and terrifying characters without being the prey of death. However, they do not know that throughout the year, it is when the real fearsome beasts roam our streets, with which we share the town, sidewalks, subway cars or even work, friendships or family.

We do not want to induce fear in you, but you do open your eyes because we are really surrounded by good but we must never forget evil.

In this article we want to summarize four real and heartbreaking stories of real monsters, those that act when we least expect it and in the most twisted and unimaginable way.

The modern Cannibal of Rothenburg

Armin Meiwes is called by the media sector as the Cannibal of Rotemburgo, due to the murder and subsequent dismemberment and cannibalism of a person, with whom he had contacted by the Internet, to satisfy the fantasies of devouring and being devoured. The curiosity is that Armin had a double life, one with friends hobbies and appearance of normality and in the other where he suffered a serious disorder of their sexual preferences, a paraphilia, everything and being able to control their impulses succumbed to the desire to eat the limb sex of his last victim.

For those most interested in the horrible story, there are many interviews, documentaries and even a movie based on the real story of this murderer, named after his nickname The Cannibal of Rothenburg.

The mythical Jack the ripper

He was a serial killer who committed several crimes in London in 1888. The victims had their internal organs surgically removed. After analyzing them, it was concluded that he would be a middle-aged, well-groomed and respectable man with a harmless appearance. He probably had the habit of wearing a coat or coat because otherwise, the blood of his clothes and hands would have attracted the attention of people.

The sectarian, Charles Manson

This serial killer reached a level of evil that many other murderers failed to achieve. He was the leader of a sect, at the end of the 60s, and generally sheltered people who had deep emotional problems and who were always against their relatives. With that Manson could convince them to release their murderous instincts. After each crime, they committed they would usually write messages on the walls of the murder site with the blood of the victims.

The black widow, Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann, is the best-known serial killer of all time. This Englishwoman murdered more than 20 people, including her own children, using arsenic. Among the deaths are also three husbands, a lover and various children. The latter killed them to get insurance money. 
It was hanged in March 24, 1873.

So remember, always be on the alert because nightmares can happen in real life.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective

of Oliver Detectives


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