Wednesday 12 September 2018

Loves that can be eternal

Summer is running out, those minutes of happiness are ending with this new love, a summer love, which despite being too short is also too intense. You just wanted to enjoy the holidays with your friends but that person appeared, it was your possibility to live in the present without thinking about the uncertain future. You decided to risk because you know that summer love is never forgotten, leaves a mark on our heart, a mark in our life.

But what if that supposedly ephemeral love ends up being part of the rest of our days? The truth is that when we are on vacation we are more predisposed to have fun and have fun with the only certainty that what we want is to live in the moment because deep down we know that seasonal romances tend to end with the end of the holidays. However, there is always a part of us that wishes that it does not end, or that at least in the morning it is possible to reconnect with that summer love.

The intensity of these loves is essentially due to the factor of breaking with the routines that we maintain during the rest of the year, and that same intensity many times we will want more than a few months. However for a summer love to become a year-round love it is very important to let this love flow naturally without any kind of demands and maintaining a realistic perspective of the relationship. Many couples have left these summer loves but for that, it was necessary to alienate themselves from insecurities and fears because for the feared end of summer to be just the beginning of a love story there are three essential ingredients: good vibes, trust, and knowledge. live in the present.

And when you lose contact and track? Here we enter into play if you only depend on a name, a photo, an address ... We can get to find that person you want to locate, because that's what our work is based on, by means of a few data we are able to locate any person of the globe.

Everyone knows that today, the miles that separate us from someone no longer mean anything with the ability to communicate that new technologies provide us that is why if you think that summer love can be the person who will make you happy the rest of your life, do everything in your reach to get it. Many times what seems crazy can be the way to happiness, and it is always better to repent of what was done than what you wanted to do but you did not have courage.

So, never forget a summer love and whether or not it can become something stable in the future because only you and our help will depend.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives


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