Thursday 10 May 2018

"The truth hidden behind the magnifying glass"

Here in Spain, private detectives follow their line of investigation by law 5/2014 of April 4, Private Security. It is a consolidated and legal profession unlike many other countries as is the case of our Portuguese neighbors. 

Given its legal nature, all investigations requested have a high importance because they can be used to obtain legitimate information and easily used in a court if necessary. 

At present, there are several requests made to private investigation companies and about the most diverse matters. Private detectives can be hired for both private and business matters and the approach to collecting information can vary greatly from one case to another. The services most in demand refer to: 
  • Location of persons (unknown family member or swindler); 
  • Inquiry of infidelities; 
  • Investigation of alimony; 
  • False medical losses (fake casualties); 
  • Labor absenteeism 
  • Unfair competition 
  • Work infidelity 
  • Mistery Guest

Given the complexity of the issues addressed, it is foreseeable that the methodologies used are different in themselves, however it is common sense that there is no good research without a good collection of information from which useful and concrete tests result. In this way it is possible to assert that in all these investigations the most important element for detectives is the photographic record and collection of evidence. It is convenient, however, to bear in mind that this same record will always depend on a much more important thing, the luck factor, because many times you only have a few seconds to obtain a certain test and experience, astuteness and agility play in favor of the watch from the shadows. 

¡ In short, the life of a private detective is really interesting but often an injustice, because few people value their work and effort!

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives


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