Tuesday 29 May 2018

In the quality of the details the mysteries are discovered

           Do you own an establishment and want to know if your employees follow the orders given to you? Do you want to evaluate the quality of the service provided by your company? All this is possible by resorting to the well-known service offered by detectives as a Mystery Client.

          The Mystery Client or Mystery Shopper is an incognito client that camouflages itself among others with a certain purpose. That is, they act as common customers who make a purchase or consume a service and then deliver a report on their experience. This Mystery Client detects failures and obtains necessary information so that the service or the sales personnel can improve. However, he can also verify the existence of internal or external fraud or even identify ways to increase sales.             

          This type of technique used by companies to analyze and evaluate the quality of the service they provide to their customers is increasingly common because companies can not afford to fail in customer service since in addition to affecting the volume of sales it harms also the quality image of the company itself.             

          In this way, the Mystery Client thoroughly analyzes the entire process, evaluating in an objective manner all the factors that may influence the preparation of his final report. The tools used to refer to the treatment received, to the attention of the sales staff, to the price of the products, to the services that are provided and to the quality of the same.

          Frequently this Mystery Client is neither more nor less than a private investigator who, using hidden cameras and specific questions, prepares his report on the quality of the service provided.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives
Wednesday 16 May 2018

Better to be suspicious than deceived

Online identity theft is a reality that can not and should not be underestimated because unfortunately nobody gets rid of it. In this way, identity theft is considered when one person passes himself off as another in order to cause him harm or even commit an illegality.

This identity theft can be carried out by mere strangers with the intention of stealing money or using the data of another to pay their bills, but also by people from our circle of acquaintances who have access to our personal information, of which They take over many times to denigrate our image and reputation before third parties. We have as an example of this the creation of false profiles on social networks that, besides being able to defame us, are undoubtedly an attack on our good name and dignity.

In addition to stealing personal data may also appropriate bank data that, even being a type of fraud that may incur a prison sentence, the truth is that more and more people are verified to be mocked where the guilty are unharmed. This type of use of banking and / or personal data of third parties for their own benefit is called PISHING.

Despite being very complicated to prevent this type of identity theft, there are some recommendations to take into account both to protect personal data online and to avoid teasing illicit websites.

Therefore, it is important:

- Periodically renew the passwords of emails and social media profiles;
- Avoid using passwords related to birth dates or phone numbers;
- Always keep the antivirus updated;
- Distrust emails that request personal information;
- Have a virtual credit card with a money limit and an expiration date;
- Check if web pages have "secure purchase certifications" and the "online trust seal";
- Check that they are pages with verified identity (green padlock next to the link on the page) and with a connection of type "https";
- See if the pages present a well-maintained aesthetic and without spelling errors;
- Confirm that there are reliable contact data on the web pages in case an unexpected event arises with the items purchased.

Obviously no matter how careful you are and even following these and other recommendations, nothing guarantees us that we will not be victims of this type of fraud, however the more attention we have in relation to this issue, the less likely it will be for something similar to happen to us.

But if this type of misfortune happens to us it is convenient not to forget that as it is described in article 401 of the Penal Code: "the one who usurps the civil status of another will be punished with the prison sentence of six months to three years". Trusting that justice be done.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives

Thursday 10 May 2018

"The truth hidden behind the magnifying glass"

Here in Spain, private detectives follow their line of investigation by law 5/2014 of April 4, Private Security. It is a consolidated and legal profession unlike many other countries as is the case of our Portuguese neighbors. 

Given its legal nature, all investigations requested have a high importance because they can be used to obtain legitimate information and easily used in a court if necessary. 

At present, there are several requests made to private investigation companies and about the most diverse matters. Private detectives can be hired for both private and business matters and the approach to collecting information can vary greatly from one case to another. The services most in demand refer to: 
  • Location of persons (unknown family member or swindler); 
  • Inquiry of infidelities; 
  • Investigation of alimony; 
  • False medical losses (fake casualties); 
  • Labor absenteeism 
  • Unfair competition 
  • Work infidelity 
  • Mistery Guest

Given the complexity of the issues addressed, it is foreseeable that the methodologies used are different in themselves, however it is common sense that there is no good research without a good collection of information from which useful and concrete tests result. In this way it is possible to assert that in all these investigations the most important element for detectives is the photographic record and collection of evidence. It is convenient, however, to bear in mind that this same record will always depend on a much more important thing, the luck factor, because many times you only have a few seconds to obtain a certain test and experience, astuteness and agility play in favor of the watch from the shadows. 

¡ In short, the life of a private detective is really interesting but often an injustice, because few people value their work and effort!

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives

Wednesday 2 May 2018

The secrets hidden by scribbles

Writing can be seen as a unique feature in each person's life, reflecting the individual story of each person. There are three characteristics associated with writing that make it unique in each human being, its personal, unique and identifying character. These particularities derive from the neuronal, muscular and psychic activity of each individual, making it in this way almost like a fingerprint. In this way, just as no two people are the same, there are not two exactly identical signatures, and it can even be said that if that happens it is because one of them is certainly false.

       In fact, the falsification of signatures has been a hotly debated issue today due to all the implications that this type of crime can bring and is associated with the most diverse purposes.
From falsification of signature in termination of employment contracts, in obtaining illegal academic degrees, issuing false checks or even in leases. The list of hypotheses are quite diversified, which means that the number of counterfeiters is too. As such, given the complexity of the issue at hand, it is extremely important to be aware of situations that may be more prone to this type of occurrence.

        However, when this happens, the indicated thing is to resort to a calligraphic skill, because unfortunately for the counterfeiters, nowadays there are several ways for experts to discover if a certain signature is really false.

Technically speaking, there are two major types of counterfeits, the slow and the fast. Ironically the slow one is fast and vice versa, because the slow one takes longer to reproduce, however, it is imitated at the same moment, while the fast one reproduces more Celtic but requires a continuous training to be plagiarized. Due to the slow to involve almost no contact with the original signature, it is difficult to find details of the counterfeiter, as opposed to the fast forgery that will incorporate those same details. The slow one is the one that is more easily detectable.

          In the verification of the authenticity of a signature it is necessary to take into account various aspects that allow to assure if the signature is doubted (authentic) or undoubted (questioned), that is, the spatial order, the dimension, the form, the pressure is observed , the speed, the direction, the inclination and the continuity of the stroke. This analysis, which considers writing as something alive and not static, is part of the graphophone method, the most important and currently used.

          In short, although prevention is better than cure if a type of falsification is suspected, it is more appropriate to resort to this type of investigation in order to correct the damage caused.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives

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