Monday 23 April 2018

The dragon no longer spits fire, emanates terror

In a kingdom not very distant and recognized for its humanitarian, free, expressive and tolerant character. The nebulous shadow of a solitary dragon emerges that decides to sow panic in these lands, by a simple valuation different from what is the dogma that must be followed.

The dragon decides when to expand the panic, every 5 months, 1 year or the time that suits him, the last time in this kingdom was 9 months ago, in order to break the normality of citizenship through elaborate strategic structures to take with them a group of people and satiate their voracious hunger. When he decides to act, he decorates himself and camouflages himself with his fearsome weapons to make the population cry and make the moral of his society question, provoking earthquakes in coexistence.

The scaly lone, acts without remorse only for alleged fulfillments of his great god, embalmed in terror and anger, the disgusting king of the empire of the dragons, who sow panic to supply their desire for conquest and thirst for revenge.

We can all be the Princess of Sant Jordi, there is no means of individual protection to detect if your time or not, however we can act as the Holy himself to save the lady, the same waiting without knowing their future. However, we can be the prince and, through astuteness, anticipate events with a strategic analysis, risks and future dangers that may materialize. The words control, anticipation, security and prevention, are what we must apply as Sant Jordi to eradicate the same cursed dragon that leads all this wave of deaths and fears without meaning.

9 months since the attack on the Ramblas in Barcelona and Cambrils,

We do not forget and we are not afraid, we continue with more strength and enthusiasm than ever.


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