Monday 23 April 2018

The dragon no longer spits fire, emanates terror

In a kingdom not very distant and recognized for its humanitarian, free, expressive and tolerant character. The nebulous shadow of a solitary dragon emerges that decides to sow panic in these lands, by a simple valuation different from what is the dogma that must be followed.

The dragon decides when to expand the panic, every 5 months, 1 year or the time that suits him, the last time in this kingdom was 9 months ago, in order to break the normality of citizenship through elaborate strategic structures to take with them a group of people and satiate their voracious hunger. When he decides to act, he decorates himself and camouflages himself with his fearsome weapons to make the population cry and make the moral of his society question, provoking earthquakes in coexistence.

The scaly lone, acts without remorse only for alleged fulfillments of his great god, embalmed in terror and anger, the disgusting king of the empire of the dragons, who sow panic to supply their desire for conquest and thirst for revenge.

We can all be the Princess of Sant Jordi, there is no means of individual protection to detect if your time or not, however we can act as the Holy himself to save the lady, the same waiting without knowing their future. However, we can be the prince and, through astuteness, anticipate events with a strategic analysis, risks and future dangers that may materialize. The words control, anticipation, security and prevention, are what we must apply as Sant Jordi to eradicate the same cursed dragon that leads all this wave of deaths and fears without meaning.

9 months since the attack on the Ramblas in Barcelona and Cambrils,

We do not forget and we are not afraid, we continue with more strength and enthusiasm than ever.

Wednesday 18 April 2018

The lie only prevails until the truth is reached

               We all know that the Curriculum Vitae is considered the gateway to the labor market and given the high rate of unemployment that has been proven today, the desperation of people to get a job can often lead to invent relevant data to ensure the vacancy in a certain job.

               However, it is important to keep in mind that any lie can be discovered, as the well-known popular expression says: "lies have short legs", therefore, as tempting as lying might seem, it is best to avoid using it. Sooner or later it will be unveiled and the results can be devastating.

              There are innumerable consequences associated with lying in a CV, such as the cancellation of an employment contract, although in the most serious cases they can even give rise to the prison sentence, as many cases reported in the social communication. Today seems to be "fashionable" lying in relation to academic titles by politicians, those who should convey the example to be representing our country, but what all indicates are the most gain to access to the highest positions.

          The truth is that despite all the money that can be earned, after discovering a lie what can be lost the most is dignity, something that should be quite important at the moment in which it is decided to resort to this type of falsehood to ennoble our life trajectory. There is nothing more important than the truth and nothing more gratifying than to achieve something by own merit and without resorting to farces and inventions.

           A quiet conscience should always be the key element when you are in an employment interview, because whatever the final outcome, the person can be sure that not having "embellished" his CV, no legal consequence will be assigned to him the future.

             When it is our future that is at stake it is always safer to do things correctly, so it is better to invest in a real curriculum vitae and acquire truly important knowledge, than to invent information that can seriously harm us later.

¡ Better job in hand than a hundred flying!

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives

Wednesday 11 April 2018

I'll find you while I live

Paco Lobatón publishes, I will look for you while I live, book tribute to the disappeared, focusing on 14 Spanish cases where the victims of all this who are family and friends, narrate the facts and circumstances of what happened. 

The first chapter the honorable journalist focuses on the case of the Pires Orrit brothers, where all the steps that the family made so far are chronologically contextualized, including a reference to our participation to date in the case. 

After announcing that the Desaparecidos program, of RTvne captained by Lobatón himself, will broadcast the last program today, Wednesday, April 11, 2018, we have to settle for reading the book he has prepared with all his affection to give voice to the cause of disappearances in Spain.

In the following link El País newspaper you can see a short summary of the book I'll look for you while I live Mr. Paco Lobatón.

Wednesday 4 April 2018

The radio is the speaker of the most realistic stories

On March 7, 2018, Radio4 rne, in program Metrópoli, interviewed the CEO of Detectives Oliver, José Mª Oliver. To address the case of the disappearance of Dolores i Isidro, 30 years ago in Manresa. The in-depth account of our director evokes anyone who is listening to his voice to live the enigmatic reality that surrounds the disappearance of these two children in 1988. However, the importance of professional experience in this type of case is finally addressed. , and the labor facilities that public security presents in front of the private one. 

To listen to the entire interview, access HERE, and start listening as of 12:35.

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