Wednesday 28 March 2018

“When Cinderella is no longer a fairy tale"

When a child's relationship arises, it often seems that the world is going backwards mainly when it is not foreseen. Because of this, in many cases parents end up unable to deal with pressure and decide to separate, thinking that probably will be the best for their child.

So far nothing new, because unfortunately, these cases are becoming increasingly commonplace, as well as everyone refuses their lives with another person, with which this pressure does not exist anymore. At the beginning of any new relationship we are left with the impression that everything is pink, where everything is perfect and nothing can endanger. Here is the key problem!

Many times we are so full of passion that we remain blind and enter into the lives of our children, to people who mean a lot in our lives, but not in our children's lives, which could ruin the welfare of our family.

Unhappy today, it has been proven that all these stories of our childhood, mere fictional stories that our parents read before bedtime, became partly more and more real. The wicked witches of madrastres reported in tales stopped being characters and began to be part of the lives of many children.

At the moment we apparently live "Cinderella" stories in real life and in many cases do not have a happy ending, because unfortunately, evil ends up winning.

Each parent has the right to rebuild his life, but it is increasingly important that before this happens, he / she is aware of the person who is introducing into the life of his son to prevent later misfortune.
Preventive research is therefore an essential tool to avoid future misfortunes. Do a thorough search on the person's background, know their life history, keep in mind if the way they were known was the most appropriate, and understand the true intentions of this person, they are the most initial steps Suitable to be followed before stopping his son and forming a consistent family nucleus.

In order to overcome any doubt nothing better than the help of specialized Private Detectives.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Private Investigator
of Oliver Detectives


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