Wednesday 7 March 2018

It is 30 years since the disappearance of the brothers Pires and Orrit.

We are closer and closer to being able to discover where the brothers of Manresa disappeared 30 years ago, and to be able to give an answer to why and with whom they escaped that night without giving any trace.

In this interview elaborated by Abel Gallardo Soto for RegiĆ³7, we disengage at what point we are in the investigation and what are the facts that motivate us to keep trying.

We find evidence of intention to escape:
  •        Delaying behaviors of Dolores
  •        Strange family behaviors
  •        External help to disappear
  •         Family problems.
These facts and many more motivate us not to cease our convictions and intuitions, founded on the indications of a situation that goes beyond a disappearance.

We are facing a case of exceptional difficulty and double disappearance, unusual events in cases of missing persons.

The protocols followed in this research are based on our professional experience and scientific methods of Info Criminal Analysis and especially in the Psychological Autopsy.

To read the RegiĆ³7 interview, you can access from here.


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