Saturday 25 November 2017

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 november 2017

Since November 25, 1960, and because of the brutal murder of the Mirabal sisters, considered a crime of sexist violence, it is declared the world day of gender violence.

However after 57 years, the figures continue to be alarming, for that reason it is necessary to assess and analyze the situation on gender violence in our country and reorient the type of preventive measures to be able to attack from another point of view. inclusive and obtain better results in the abolition of this type of violence.

Above all we must be clear that it is not enough to declare the day against nonviolence towards women, we must raise awareness and prevent from the foundations of education in order to mold our culture and evolve as a modernized society.

For this reason, our organization declares itself totally feminist, and not only do we join the demand on this important day, but we also fight to protect the victims and prevent them from suffering these events when they come to our aid.

Oliver Detectives CEO

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