Tuesday 22 November 2016

They didn’t remain in the forget

It has been 28 years since there is this case opened in Oliver Detectives, but we have never lost, we nor will lose the hopes to be able to find to Dolores and Isidro, two children who disappeared in 1988 of the hospital of Manresa Sant Joan de Déu.

In the last months we have received signs of hope, which motivate us to think that they are still alive, and that encourages us to continue the tracks that we should be be for the way up to coming to, already not so children, brothers Orrit de Manresa.

Pulling this thread, more the help of the new technologies they do that we never stop looking for them up to being able to know the truth.

We will not stop looking up to knowing the truth.

It enters here to be able to see the reportage, from the minute 14:30:


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