Tuesday 16 February 2016

The potential illegal tourist risk for the owners of Barcelona

¿ What are the risks that there can have an owner who does not know what is cooked in its rented apartment ?

This is what was wondering the French radio Equinox , in an interview that they did to José Mª and Sandra Oliver in the offices of Detectives Oliver in Barcelona.

The answer is simple, like consequences for the owner, header to emphasize that it can receive bad news in the shape of fine or sanction for breaking the tourist regulation in which he did not know that it was going to imply him.
Oliver recommends that, before signing a contract of rent of its property, it is necessary to obtain information of a preventive way to make sure who really will be living in the housing. Our services offer him a profile of the future tenant and its record, all this to advise if it is a question of the suitable person and it will expire with the monthly salaries established in the contract of lease and to prepare that its housing turns into illegal tourist apartment.

You will be able to see the article translated, nevertheless if you prefer seeing the original, prick here continuously.
Which risks do you have if you rent your apartment Barcelona?
By Amandine Eymes 16 of of February 2017 News of Barcelona

Barcelona always gives the welcome to more visiting every year surpassing his tourist attendance registers. What is necessary to inspire the tenants to sublet his apartments by some few days or weeks. But ¿ it is sure?

The current mayoress Ada Colau, that wants to put end to the tourist apartment proliferation, responsible for the housing price increase imposed a moratorium to the opening of new tourist lodgings and tourist licences on July 2015. The moratorium does not mean reduction of tourism in Barcelona's city centre. Platforms how Airbnb comes one publishing the rent of apartments without tourist lodging licence.

Last November, authorities have started a procedure to impose a fine from 600,000 Euros to the site. At the beginning of February, Airbnb announced that as of May, each user can publish an announcement.

To rent or to sublease its apartment in Barcelona without having the tourist license is very dangerous.

The risks with the City council of Barcelona

Without tourist license, he is illegal to offer a property for daily rent, that is to say, a period inferior to a month. The Council has taken drastic measures for the tourist lodging. Now that the municipal inspectors learn on the people and the control of some units to track the illegality. Even there is a gratuitous number that allows the neighbors to denounce the activities of tourist rent which they seem suspicious in his building.

According to Josep Oliver detective, the family business of Detectives Oliver in Barcelona, “has mainly near 6,600 illegal apartments in 16.000 tourist lodgings in the Catalan capital” and in the districts of Eixample, the Gothic district and and the Barceloneta . With the explosion of the tourism, the tenants sublet its apartments without authorization hiding behind the platforms as Airbnb . But if the authorities discover that there are tourists subletting an apartment, it is that the owners have all the responsibility and sanctions. The fine of up to 30.000 euros.

The company Oliver says that it receives give of hace a pair of years \"un heap of owners' called suspects that its tenants want to investigate. \" If the owner obtains proofs that its tenant rents accommodations to tourists, it is possible to denounce to the town hall and he is the tenant the one that pays the fine.

The risks with the taxes collector

In France, the temporary sublease tolerates, always with the agreement of the owner. If the tenant subcontracts only one part of itsdemand of main housing and a reasonable rent (without personal benefit), taxes are not paid on this income.

In Spain, the above mentioned tolerance doesn't exist, Paula Borja, the lawyers ' signature of Barcelona Invex said that \"España have you have to pay for all the he uneats independently of its origin , even if the break is donate without license \". In fact , the yield of the tourist activity must be communicated to the Tax office (Spanish Treasury Department ) and generates arrears of tax , such expert the payment of to valuation of stay of the Generalitat of Catalonia after billing the guest tourists and declaring the revenue of the property received grasp regards this activity , even if the owner is not resident in Spain.


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