Wednesday 17 May 2017

Summary of Security Forum 2017


On Wednesday, the 17th of May 2017, there was celebrated the fifth edition of Security Forum, congress where they conjugate an unions endless number in the sector of the Public and Private Safety, in order to discover and to analyze the set of interests on safety and prevention that both branches share.

To part of the exhibitors' area where there is provided every year the possibility of sharing ideas and of beginning new relations on business, we emphasize significantly the program of the event, where the cybersafety topic was very latent due to the big volume of threats that they are watching our society and he structures every day, emphasizing like top of the iceberg the problem of the cybernetic attack “Wannacry“ that it affected to more than 70 countries.

The overture of the act was led by the secretary of the safety State, José Antonio Nieto, whose words were focused on an union ofcooperation between the Forces and Bodies of state security, associations and companies of private safety, topcoat directing the content in the technological threats like link of the pyramid of insecurity.

In the above mentioned congress topics of high relevancy talked each other concerning the safety perception that provokes the digital and cybernetic age, emphasizing the papers of Roberto Otero on the cyberattacks in the professional CCTV systems. 

RicardoCañizares giving him wellknown importance to the human investment in cybersafety inside the companies. And the most technicaland practical papers prepared by one of the best hackers of our country, Deepak Daswani and that later was relieved by IgnacioRocamora to treat the topic of the Social Cyber-engineering.

In the ambience of the tables of debate, they stood out centred on the new wars of the XXIst century and Watched by defect, with the professionals' participation of the sector and of the ordinance to debate the most influential topics in the managerial world and of the safety of nowadays how for example: the terrorism, the wars of information, the massive digital attacks, etc.

The securing and manipulation of the information were not forgotten, and they talked each other with thoroughness in the papers on the analysis of not Verbal Behavior of Vicente Altemir, I join the tecnicismos of Oscar López tackling the need for automation with the new European Regulation of Protection of Information, preceded by the dealing of importance of putting a CISO (Main officer of Safety of the Information) in the companies, accentuated fact that is more and more necessary. To close this frame with the debate concerning the National Coordination before the Board NIS to be able to give answer to incidents on large-scale computer safety.

Novel technological progress also was exhibited by conferees, from whom they emphasize the virtual reality of José Luis Navarro, like tool for the safety be already in military ambience, formations or project presentation between others.  

La presentación de FranciscoHerrera, ganador del Premio Security Forum al mejor proyecto I + D + ide Seguridad en España, sobre la creación de un sistema dedetección de armas de fuego en vídeo y tiempo real. And the winner of the project Security Forum of Securitas Location with different functions as the position indoor and outdoor in real-time, button of panic, isolated, historic trips man, heat maps, as well as other functionalities.

To reach two days of congress, the manager of closing the event was the director-general of l'Administració de Seguretat of Generalitat de Catalunya, Jordi Jardí, congratulating the private enterprises since not only they think about the managerial benefit but about the social benefit and emphasizing the organization of the event like a different contest, being sharing much further ideas, managerial visions, technology, intelligence and information, being these two last ones the keys of the future of the safety. 

Where inthese moments of suspense there is essential the unification of the sector and the forces that each one could contribute in thestruggle and protection of the threats, which ones have very changeable forms but topcoat with consequences increasingly record. Stressing like final conclusion the reality of which if we live in a world without safety the freedom is never going to exist.

As conclusion of these two days of the Congress of Security Forum 2017, we extract the idea of that the culture of professional management of the risk in our society, is one of the first links that it is necessary to make aware in the companies, all this so that they acquire this value and prepare a project of analysis of risks for the purpose of adopting prevention measurements before the threats that every company assumes like real, of this only way we will be able to affect in the campaign to raise public awareness of the prevention and turn the safety culture into one of the biggest goods that nowadays an entity and society could have, at strategic level and of prevention before the massive technological threats or of another nature, I join the generation of confidence and transparence counting the truth.

Alexandra Oliver


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