Thursday 25 May 2017

Interviews for Univerdidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Barcelona, 2017.

1.       What are its main orders? Frauds to companies and to insurance companies, and matters related to associates of family enterprise and personal matters and of couple of diverse nature. Which are the most common in individuals? Persons locations, situation of non-payment of pensions in separations, to identify exactly the relations and you present yourself for Internet to avoid swindles economic and emotional. Which are those who more entrust companies? Frauds and thefts inside the company, false medical falls to be employed at other places, absenteeism from work and pre personnel selection.

2.       Have they ever taken legal problems as an interfering to the intimacy of the persons or for another type of crime? We have never had any problem of these characteristics related to crimes and intimacy. How are the problems solved in these cases? The best way of solving this type of conflicts is to avoid them and for it it is necessary to analyze the difficult points in the investigation and to avoid risks, in short it is necessary to prepare a preventive action plan before initiating our work.

3.       What happens when a person realizes that they are investigating it? Can it denounce it? If a person realizes that they are investigating it it is not a good augury, since that can mean two things, that you it have not been right and it has seen you, or that the person goes with many lead feet and can lie in the moment and exact place. In these two cases we would let through a pair of days so that the waters were calming down and to look for new strategies to be able to carry the pursuit out.

In most of cases that realize that they it are investigating the origin of the detection it comes from the proper client / to, since it does not take the opportune measures of reservation and confidentiality or safety. We for precaution do not facilitate commercial cards, use unidentifiable phones and do not leave tracks to emails.

In other occasions he is the proper client / to that without any type of mufflers it shows the investigated person who “is going to know all the details on its life”.

In case this person was denouncing us, done which has never happened to us, we would have the similar legitimate tests the clienthas hired us, existing a contract of for way, I document which gives us guarantees and protects thanks to the new law that regulatesour profession.

4.       Have they proposed to them orders that suppose the commission of a crime? Yes. In affirmative case: how do they act? In these cases we accept any type of proposal so even neither to maintain an interview.

5.       What is the procedure that a private investigator continues when it receives an order? (the steps that it continues until it finishes the investigation).
The procedure of hiring of our services consists firstly of the request of the budget on the part of the client derived from a previous feasibility study in percentage of probabilities of which the protocol and result of the investigation is viable, to save thus our time and money to the client / to. Later we have to be signed by a contract stipulated in the Law of Private Safety 5/2014, the same way as its intention has a legitimate object. Administratively it is necessary to celebrate this contract, without him we cannot work, we communicate it to the client and if he accepts, must note down the service in the book official record assigning a reference, seguidamente we initiate the development of the investigation.

From here it begins the technical part of the service, based on the preliminary search of information to have a few bases with which to work. Seguidamente passes to the operative part of the service to verify and to confirm in situ the information found and the developing for the client.

The carried out above mentioned service and having the whole material, comes the moment to overturn all the results obtained in a report constituted by the tests and details, be already documentary, videográficas , photographic and exhibition of the facts.

Having prepared the document, a meeting is supported with the client to express the above mentioned report and later to value if it will be necessary to go to judgment to ratify it to validate the expert test.

6.       How is the tariff of a private investigator fixed? 
The fees of the Detectives are free. It is possible to find in the sector different prices for realizing the same work, but the characteristic of our company goes beyond obtaining information, we center very much on the quality of the same one, how to interpret it, what utility it has and what advantages can offer.

4.       On its web page they affirm the following thing: \"if we meet in the professional obligation to maintain a conversation with the person that we investigate, also we can admit exactly if he lies and porqué it does it, its motivations”. What training does a person receive to acquire this capacity?
The essential training is that of the analysis of the society in its conducts, movements, speeches … all this to be able to coexist with the people of all kinds of sectors and learn how to manage the information that they transmit emotionally, to know what its intentions are and to be able to foresee them for its behavior and socialization. All this is obtained molding you in all kinds of ambiences, exercising the visual keenness, the coherence and perception of the acts of the people. For exemple, a peson will nit dressed in elegance to rock’n’roll event.

The practice is constant day by day, and more when we adopt a sociable attitude with which you can be an endless number of profiles and personalities, with that and in the long run, you will manage to know how and about that to ask every person finally to be able to treat it, and end up by understanding that everything turns concerning the prop of the social and emotional intelligence.

In the ambience of the lie, we manage to sculpt the profile of the investigated one, knowing its tastes, its weaknesses, its traumas … Obtained all this information is essential to know a little of the scientific ambience of not verbal behavior, science which studies and analyzes the conducts of the persons, being based on its expressions or facial and corporal expression, together with the coherence of them with the verbal message that transmit.

Adding him to the CNV (not verbal behavior) to other types of sciences like for example the morfopsicología , who studies the features of the face and the personality, we can frame the characteristics physical and psychological of a person and to discover for its behaviors, involuntary or not, if he is trying to lie to us.


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