Tuesday 25 April 2017

Oliver Detectives Along with Education

At Oliver Detectives we give great importance to the education of the future professionals of the sector and the reception of these students so that they can understand the activity of the Private Investigation from the own Private Detectives Offices, for that very reason we work closely with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona For more than 20 years, and now also with the School of Prevention and IntegralSecurity attached to the same University.

Josep María Oliver, secretary of the Association of Private Detective Companies, signed a collaboration agreement with the School of Prevention and Integral Security(EPSI) to develop a new system of practices focused on the specialty of Private Investigation, where aspiring researchers Private, previously obtained the university title and the Professional Identification Card (TIP), can experience and learn the profession by relying on professionals before embarking on the job, practicing in private detective companies.

Monday 3 April 2017

The road safety in our services is essential

In April, 2017 we wanted to become aware at level of Road Safety and did the Conduction course Segura in Castellolí , first of everything we could see a test of pretender of vuelco together with the explanations previous to safety concerning the good position of the passengers, laying of the frill and the belt. Later we prepare different conduction tests in the same circuit, to be able to learn on the anticipation, the handling of the frill, control of derrapaje , between many other things.

In Oliver we want to give quality in our services, but also our will is that the safety prevails before all the things.

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