Friday 23 September 2016

Official rental agreement for an illegal tourist apartment


Everything starts when you rent your flat to someone thinking that everything has gone round, the details last, you give the keys and you start to collect the first months of rent,
however after a while you receive a fine of between 50 and 90 thousand euros in a very  
surrealtone and without knowing why... You most likely think that is a mistake, but the truth
is that you are sublet your floor to Tourists without your consent, through subterfuge and
without seeing a euro.

Calm down, take all the tests you can and if you do not getout of the brown call us, we'll help you.

Interview kept in the program 8 by the day of the channel 8tv, with ours CEO, Josep MÂȘ Oliver.

Friday 2 September 2016

The bilker no longer uses balls and cups, but uses flats.

In Barcelona tourism has reached some extreme lengths, crowds everywhere, dirty streets, scams... Both the city and the tourism sector are increasingly degraded.

However , not as detectives but as locals, we care about our city and the quality of life that we have as citizens. Especially providing peace and security to tourists visiting our streets and sleep on floors completely legal.

It notes that tourism will be spreading throughout Catalonia increasingly territory, and that this illegal picaresque be established where a foreigner with suitcase and map in hand is planted.

To read part of the article, click here.

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